This Press Release is for the group "Future Now"

If you listen to just the first six songs on their CD, "The Stone Rockabilly Collection," you will be hooked. If you listen to the whole CD just once, you'll become a lifetime fan of this unique sound they refer to generally as stone rockabilly.

"Future Now" is an up and coming country rock musical group of musicians, songwriters, recording artists, engineer, and producers. Future Now is made up of two brothers that are walking in the footsteps of their musically minded and valued parents that have been involved in creating and producing music since the 60's. Their names are Robert O'Leary, (an attorney practicing in Springfield, Massachusetts), and Paul O'Leary (has a Masters in Education and is finishing up a dissertation which will help to earn him a Doctoral degree in Education in the area of technology and education). They have formed the group Future Now (published through Davies Dawn Music {BMI}). Paul, since birth, also deals with Cystic Fibrosis which is a chronic disease that affects both his respiratory and digestive systems. Currently, Paul is on continuous supplemental oxygen.

Rob & Paul have a unique new sound that is original music for today and tomorrow, but yet reminiscent of the best qualities of the past with Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, Ricky Nelson, Everly Brothers to more contemporary artists like Alan Jackson, U2, Midnight Oil, Neil Young, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Randy Travis, Keith Urban, Rush, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Def Leppard, Clint Black, and the legendary Beyond (out of Hong Kong -- yes, check out the Cantonese language cover video on the web site which is an homage to one of that group's greatest hits), Montgomery Gentry, Nelson Brothers, and Brooks & Dunn. These are just to name some of the qualities of the artists that these brothers have come to mind when others hear their songs.

Future Now is fortunate enough to have what can only be seen as a powerhouse of production potential in the engineering area at all stages of production (track recording, mastering, mixing, post mastering - graphics and prepping for CD and radio airplay) . In addition to Paul adding his input and playing the drums and occasional keyboards, bass guitar and vocals, he also takes the sounds that are vibrating in the air and apply them to the digital medium using the premiere Roland 2480 Digital Workstation. Paul currently provides the beat on electronic drums (Roland Vdrums stage set) but started out with acoustic drums (Rogers drums that date back to the old jazz days). Paul has been engineering Future Now's sound since the beginning of 1984 and has built close to a dozen studios using equipment through the years that provided sound to a mix that competed technically to the better material heard on the radio and commercially avalable CDs. Some of this equipment operated primarily in the analog domain (fostex, alesis, boss, yamaha, and mackie) and in later years, in the digital domain (roland and alesis). The sound produced is very clean. The instruments are pristine. The vocals are clean and feel as though they can wrap you up in the warm lush harmonies in the final post-mastered cd sound. The production does not stop there, Paul produces the photographic and graphic expertise that goes into the final CD product, and ultimately videography and DVD production for Future Now's reference videos.

The musical concepts usually start as a thought in Robert's head and gets developed into a lasting image as song through the collaborative work in the studio. From "Take It All Off", which is an unusually intimate and delicate rockabilly love song, to "Words and Pictures", a compelling and moving song of social justice, the mixes are creative and stem from influential concepts of love and heartbreak, social justice, societal norms and expectations, give and take in life, hopes and loss in life, happiness and sadness, health and sickness, and now at such an important time for this country and the world, the political landscape. Although the members of Future Now find themselves more in the democratic side of the spectrum they do make every effort to see the whole spectrum and create political songs with this in mind not just accept a seemingly democratic idea or policy just for the sake of claiming a democratic position without really delving into it. This country needs to do a lot of work and it cannot always be just partisan -- it has to be more holistic and inclusive.

After the concepts are generated, Robert will lend his generous knowledge and ability to play most musical instruments. If he does not know the instrument but we want it for a song, he will take the time and quickly learn it for the song. The only instrument he ever needed any formal lessons for was violin and he picked that up after a few lessons. Over the years, he has played guitar (6 and 12 string acoustic and electric) and bass guitar (4, 5, and 6 string) and variations of the two (such as a baritone guitar). He plays keyboard, piano, violin/fiddle, drums, and harmonica.

Robert, in what can be seen as the hardest instrument to learn and properly utilize, has a voice that many have said that it is reminiscent of Elvis (by the way, Robert has sung most of his songs in karaoke -- not just the easy ones) or Roy Orbison or Alan Jackson. Robert has a range in his voice of almost three octaves. Most of all, the emotional feeling leaves the listener wanting to hear more and more.

Since they are not yet on a major label, they have had to be creative in replacing those label's reliance on focus groups of people to review and critique new music. Future Now has found that most jaded focus group, karaoke venues. As each of the CD's original masters were ready for post-mastering, it is featured in various karaoke venues. In order to do it right, of course, they produce their own karaoke mixes as well as the professional lyrics up on the screen. And, unlike traditional karaoke mixes, Future Now's karaoke mixes have been produced by the original group. By trying out these songs in various karaoke places, the songs get road tested with audiences that are coming out wanting to sing or listen to their friends sing and have an enjoyable time. These crowds tend to also be harsher listeners as many times, they may be comparing one singer to the next or not listening much at all given what time of night it is. Future Now has been known to turn the heads of these people and they want to listen and hear more and more; and the karaoke DJs request copies of Future Now's music for playing throughout the night (as dance music) and adding the karaoke mixes to their karaoke disc or hard drive collection thereby adding it to their karaoke songbooks). When a karaoke audience asks for more, you know you have made an impression.

As we said at the beginning, if you listen to just the first six songs on the CD, you will be hooked. If you listen to the whole CD just once, you'll become a lifetime fan of this unique sound they refer to generally as stone rockabilly.